"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Mourinho: Inter fans didn't like Ibrahimovic

Inter manager Jose Mourinho has took a stab at transfer bound Ibrahimovic, stating that he was never liked by the Inter fans.
Ibra is set to go to Barcelona, and Sammy Eto'o coming to Inter, and Mourinho said that Inter fans will have more affection for Eto'o than Ibrahimovic. Mourinho goes on to say the deal that is set up...Ibrahimovic in swap for Eto'o, cash AND Hleb on loan, is an incredible one.

I have two questions to this.

1. Who's making way for Hleb and Eto'o
2. Why doesn't Mourinho seem to be in control of the transfers?

I could never be a manager of a club who doesn't trust my opinion on who stays and who doesn't. Some people gave Kevin Keegan shit for resigning from Newcastle because of the Director of Football Dennis Wise crap. But at least he spoke out and basically said F**k You.
At least someone's got the guts to.
My prediction: Eto'o a hit....Ibrahimovic a BIG miss. Looks like Guardiola will be crying in his beer on this occasion.
What do you think?

Franz is furious!

Franz Beckenbauer has aimed angry words at Franck Ribery, saying that Ribery has used Bayern to make a name for himself. Beckenbauer questioned Ribery's loyalty to Bayern, after Ribery stated that he would have liked to join Real Madrid this summer.

Beckenbauer said "Ribery only came here to make a name for himself," Beckenbauer was quoted by the Bild newspaper as saying at a benefit evening on Saturday night.
"He doesn't give a damn about Munich."

Ribery can leave Munich next season because of the pathetic FIFA rule.....article 17, which allows a player under the age of 28 to walk away from a club after three years of his contract. So if Bayern don't sell Ribery between now and next April, they will get no money for the French International if he decides to leave next summer.

The clubs should be able to sue the players if they break the contact, or there should be a rule, stating that if you sign a four year contract with a club, that's it, you're there until the time's up.
But, i want to protect the players too.
Once the player signs that contract he cannot request a transfer, nor can the club sell him. If he doesn't like it, he can rot in the reserves, but also the player if fit, has to be able to play in the first team for at least half the season.

I think this way we'll cut out all the bullshit of transfer chaos.
Any suggestions on how to make it better?

Sir Alex: Man City a small club

Sir Alex Feguson has lashed out at Man City over the city billboard with a picture of Carlos Tevez with it reading "Welcome to Manchester".
He said that Man City "are a small club with a small mentality".
With Mark Hughes trying to empty the City money pot as fast as his bosses can fill it, Ferguson has been relatively quiet in the transfer market.
Hughes has bought in Adebayor from Arsenal, Barry from Aston Villa, Santa Cruz from Blackburn and Tevez, who left United for City.

Ferguson was speaking at a press conference in China claimed that Adebayor had attempted to sign for Manchester United before committing to City.

"When someone offers you that kind of money, it is a big attraction," said Ferguson. "That is the reason they have gone there.
"At the last minute, from what I can gather, either Emmanuel Adebayor or his agent phoned us after they had agreed a deal with City and then did the same with Chelsea. He was desperate to get to either Chelsea or us."

A happy threesome at Portsmouth

Harry Redknapp will sign Peter Crouch. Redknapp's old club Portsmouth have accepted a 10 million pound offer for the gangly striker, and he's about to rejoin former team-mate DeFoe and former boss Redknapp. Crouch will sign a five year deal.
Although Redknapp last week said the fee would be too much for Spurs, the deal has gone through.

He said at the time: "I just feel that for that type of money it is an awful lot of money. It is an expensive deal because there is no return on it.
"I don't know whether it is possible for us to do that type of deal. It is an expensive deal. The whole package looks expensive."

Portsmouth could also offload more players even though Sulaiman Al Fahim's takeover of the Premiership side is almost complete, but there will be no spending sprees.

"It's important everybody understands that we have to cut our cloth," Hart, who has been appointed on a permanent basis, told BBC Radio 5 Live. "The days of £20m buys are over in the short-term, but maybe not longer-term."

Terry: I'm staying at Chelsea

Ok, the saga goes on.....John Terry has pledged his future to Chelsea..for now.
It was reported on Thursday that Terry still wanted to talk to Man City about a possible move to Eastlands. But now Terry wants to stay at Chelsea......WATCH OUT!!....THERE GOES MORE MONEY FLYING FROM ABRAMOVICH'S WALLET!

Even when Terry was unsure of his role and his future at Chelsea, Abramovich AND Ancelotti insisted that Terry wasn't for sale. But Terry insists that there's no way he's joining City, and there was never any possibility. If you say so John.
I guess only time will tell if Terry means it this time. Who does he really play for?....the Blues or the Greens??

Beckham the liar!

LA Galaxy God Beckham has been proven to be a liar. What a surprise! Beckham said of the taunts at the Galaxy game with Milan, in which a fan got out of his seat to confront Beckham, after Beckham motioned the fan to come down to the pitch, in which Beckham said he just wanted to "shake the fans' hand". But extra footage of that scene shows a different story. Thanks to footage from The News Of The World newspaper, it shows Beckham saying more than asking to shake the fans' hand.

This is what two experts say Beckham's shouting
"Hey you, here, come on down here. Come on down, yes, YOU, down, yeah, yeah, you. You watch it, f*****. I'll SHOW you if you come down."

What he should have been saying is "I say, Excuse me sir, yes you, would you kindly stop calling me a fraud...i'd appreciate it so much ol' chap. After the game, i was wondering if you would join Victoria and I for a spot of tea at my mansion?...you will?...jolly good ol' sport....6 O' Clock sharp."

Instead all Becks wanted to do is punch this fan's lights out, just for speaking the truth. Fraud....money grabber.....joke.....twat....any more you can think of?

The UK's top forensic lip reader Marianne Frere translated what the 34-year-old free-kick legend REALLY said.
Profoundly-deaf Marianne said: "Beckham is absolutely furious - 'steaming' is the word I'd use. "His body language as he walks up is tense and aggressive - it brings to mind a coiled spring. "He speaks the words he says harshly, aggressively and you can tell from the amount of energy that he is putting into his speech, which is reflected in his facial muscles, that he is shouting in a very macho alpha male manner."

Need i say more?............F**king FRAUD!

Man City are Prem. Champions!

Jose Mourinho is supporting Man City to win the Premier League next season. Mourinho 'won' two titles with Chelsea, and is convinced Mark Hughes' team will be crowned champions next May.

Mourinho said: "Adebayor up front with Carlos Tevez - unbelievable! And they have Roque Santa Cruz and Robinho too. What a strike force! That's it, City are champions for sure."
He added: "It's not buying the title. You buy the players you think can do the job but you still need to prove you are the best - the best coach, the best team and that's tough and no amount of money can buy that."

Mourinho stated that he doesn't care what happens with the John Terry affair because it's not his club. Nicely put.

Maybe Jose knows that his comments will get a rise out of Sir Alex, other than that, like he says...he's at Inter so what does he care?
And just because City have Adebayor, Robinho, Tevez and Roque Santa Cruz, doesn't mean anything. Three could get seriously injured, then what?

Terry silent over comittment

John Terry is silent over where he wants to be next season, and it's driving Abramovich crazy!
The Blues captain would still like to talk to Man City boss Mark Hughes, but Chelsea owner Abramovich has shot down those requests every time.
The Chelsea faithful were hoping that their star boy would stay at Stamford Bridge, but it may not turn out that way.
Man City have already had offers turned down for Terry, but they won't give up just yet.

Man City manager Mark Hughes said: "John Terry is a player not at the club, who I keep having to answer questions about.
"We made a bid for a player that was rejected and that's where we stand at this moment. I said at the beginning of the window that ideally we would like to have all our signings in place for the start of the season.
"But if the right player is available and it takes until the end of the window to do the deal then so be it.
"You have to give each transfer deal the time it deserves. If you feel the process is not going to progress then you walk away."

Chelsea are still adamant that Terry will be in their colours come the start of the season.
I think he'll be wearing the City strip. Money talks.

Mourinho To Ibrahimovic: Fans Didn't Like You

Inter manager Jose Mourinho is angry at the swap deal of his star forward Ibrahimovic for Sammy Eto'o. Although he says that getting Eto'o is good business, no manager wants to lose a player like Ibrahimovic. I'm sure Sammy will feel overjoyed when he reads that line in the papers.
With pressure to win the Champions League this season from his boss Moratti, Mourinho knows that he's going to have to work extra hard to fit Eto'o into his setup.
Mourinho said that there are three stronger teams than Inter in Europe at the moment, a statement which has previously infuriated Moratti, and he has told Mourinho that there should be no excuses this time around in lifting the Champions League crown next May.

Mourinho said "If the president wants the Champions League, I will give him the replica I have at home.
"I know that's not what he wants. He's an honest person, he knows there are seven or eight clubs in line for the same objective.
"If he doesn't' know it, I will tell him myself that two or three are stronger than us at the moment."

Mourinho is a good manager, a bit of a whiner at times, but i still think that Mourinho wins trophies not because he's a good manager, but he's walked into teams that have been set up for him already. The Chelsea setup was already there, and Mancini set up Inter perfectly so yes, i think Mourinho is under pressure to win big, even more so now that Ibrahimovic has gone.

Beckham fined $1,000

David Beckham has been fined for his antics at the Galaxy-Milan game. Beck-Ham has been fined $1,000 for his taunts at unhappy Galaxy fans who called him a fraud(they're not wrong David!). So what's $1,000 fine to a man who makes 25 million pound a year? Exactly......sweet FA!

MLS commissioner Don Garber said: "Our players should never engage in conduct that can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come on to the field."
Becks plays for LA in Kansas City tonight, with Wizards fan Jeff Szajnuk promising: "He'll have a bunch of chants coming."

Becks got this shitty fine for going over to Galaxy fans who held up banners reading "Go home fraud", so tough guy Beckham motioned down a fan to "shake his hand", what a pathetic lie! You wanted to smack the piss out of that fan and you know it. The fan got arrested for leaving his seat, but the Galaxy God only got $1,000 fine, equivalent to thirteen minutes work for Beckham.
Maybe we should fine the MLS commisioner Beckham's salary for fining Beckham so low?

Ferguson wants goals..goals....goals!

Is Sir Alex feeling the pressure already? He's told Michael Owen that he wants at least fifteen goals from him in this coming season. With the departure of Tevez and Ronaldo, and the transfer of Frazier Campbell, he's asking the wrong man to score fifteen goals......i think he'll score more. Now Owen will have quality players all around him, he'll have the support of the midfield which he didn't have when he was at Newcastle, so yeah, he's going to score lots of goals.....as long as he can stay fit.

With all respect, he shouldn't be asking Owen to score fifteen goals, i think he should be asking Berbatov!
Berbatov is a relatively good player, he has the technical ability along with the goalscoring talent, but something is a miss with him at Old Trafford.
I want to see Owen in action, like i said, it's not Owen you have to question, it's the other forwards who partner him.

Please stay Alonso!

Rafa the Gaffa has told Xabi Alonso that he should stay at Liverpool. The Reds are on a Far East tour in Singapore and received an ovation from the fans as the team trained on Friday night.
Benitez told a press conference "I was talking to him yesterday and telling him to listen to the fans. They love Xabi."
"I said to him, 'Maybe you have to stay.'
"You can see he is a really good player and I'll be really pleased if he stays. All the players want him to stay. They want to win and be contenders this year.
"If we keep Xabi I will be very pleased, and I feel the same way about Javier Mascherano."

That's great Rafa, but maybe he's tired of you, maybe he's tired of not winning the Premier League, or maybe he wants more money than you can offer.
Whatever it is, i'm sure we'll find out soon enough. (i place my bet on the latter!)

Adebayor the money grabber.

GAEL CLICHY told former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor: You only left us for the money.
Adebayor had stated that abusive Arsenal fans drove him out to another club. But did it have to be Man City?.....no. It was all about the money.
Adebayor is strong, powerful, can score goals, and is quite technical for a big man. So he wants us to believe that no other 'big' club wants him? And only Man. City with more money than Abramovich would like to double his salary for his services.
I think Clichy is right. Man. City will buy anyone who will go to them for big money.
Good luck to Mark Hughes, he's going to need it. Too many highly paid stars in fighting for eleven places is not good.

Gerrard is a free man

Steven Gerrard is a free man. But didn't I tell you this would happen because Gerrard is a footballing 'hero'. If it was you or I, we'd be locked up for sure.

I don't know what to say anymore, it's just stupid that a man punches another man which is caught on CCTV, can be set free by the court because basically he didn't start the fight, but yet he joined in. Did Gerrard get hurt in the brawl?...NO!, so WTF?

Enough of this crap! And Rafa the Gaffa supports him? WOW! What a f**king great manager you have there Liverpool!

I think Jigsaw would love to play a game with him!

Torres: We can win the Premiership!

Kop hero Fernando Torres says that his Liverpool can win the Premier League title this coming season, stating that he came to the club to win trophies and two years without one is a long time for Liverpool. Where has he been? Try 19 years without a league title!
Last time Liverpool was top dog in the league was when the won it in 1990 when Kenny Dalglish was manager and it was called the First Division.
With Torres signing a new contract, he says that Liverpool have the quality to fight for top spot in the Premier league, and can even improve on last years performances and i agree that Liverpool have the quality to rival Man UTD, Chelsea and Arsenal, i just don't think it's the right manager for the job.
Torres told a press conference:

'The main thing for me and my teammates is to win trophies, 'Liverpool can win trophies again. We have a fantastic squad and maybe this year is more important than the year before. 'Our team can play better than last season and we can win, that is important for me. I came to Liverpool to win trophies and it's been two years without one which is a long time for Liverpool. 'But I'm sure we can win the Premier League or the Champions League.'

Torres must be dreaming if he thinks he'll be holding some kind of trophy next season, Liverpool are there, they're just not good enough to maintain the results they need to beat the other top three.

Ashely Cole: You're Gunn-er get nowhere Arsenal

Ashley Cole is backing Man City to break into the top four, and push Arsenal out of the Premier League elite.
The former Arsenal player won the league title twice with Arsene Wenger, but now is ready to win it with Chelsea. He states that winning the Premier League is top priority, but thinks Mark Hughes' City will be in the top four come the end of the season.
Ashley has opened his mouth yet again about the club that made him the 'star' that he thinks he is.
I'm going to predict the Premier League's top five teams come next may.

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Manchester City
5. Liverpool

That's all i'm going to say. Think i'm wrong? Tell me.

Gerrard update 2

Liverpool super-thug Steven Gerrard was in court again, trying to convince the jury that he's sorry and he'll never do it again until the next time his pals soften someone up for him. What a shit!! Steven, please tell me,....how are you supposed to defend yourself if no-one is coming at you to attack you, in fact, the man who you say is attacking YOU is being attacked by YOUR pals!

Gerrard said that It was very difficult at the time to explain to police why I did throw that first punch. Well, it seems like after viewing the video, it's hard for anyone to see why you threw the first punch.
LFC chaplain the Reverend Bill Bygroves stated that Gerrard is a terrific ambassador for the club. Yes, i see, it looks like it.
The court was hearing that Gerrard had been in trouble before when he was 19 for drinking and driving.

The footballer told the court that he suffered "a lot of mither" in bars and other places such as shopping centres and restaurants. Ok Stevie, either you're not telling the truth about Liverpool liking you, or you're just a natural twat and that's why people give you 'mither'. Because Mr.McGhee wasn't mithering you.
And to have someone as Kenny Dalglish to speak for your personality, he fucking work's at Liverpool now so yes he's going to say you're a good character.

When the trial continues tomorrow, my dream tonight is for the jury to send you down the river without a paddle.

Eto'o for Inter Milan

Inter Milan and Barcelona have agreed the switching of Sammy Eto'o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Inter will get Eto'o, cash AND Hleb on loan, and to me for Barcelona, it's a very stupid move. Ibrahimovic is a good player, i just don't like the dirty tricks he pulls when he doesn't have to, and his work rate is left to be desired sometimes, where as Eto'o, he'll run anywhere all game, whether it's for himself or for his fellow players.
Seems like Guardiola knows what he's doing right?......i mean he did win the treble. This is what he said about Eto'o

"I am convinced that the best thing for Barca is for Eto'o to leave," stated Guardiola. "Could I be mistaken? Maybe so. But I am here to make these decisions."
Guardiola added Eto'o's departure would be good for the team.
"I feel that it is best for the club and the team. It's a question of feelings," said Guardiola. "I am not here to change anyone's character, but I can decide on which players I want to count on for the season.
"After what we won, we had to change the dressing room. I took this decision from my experience as a footballer."
Eto'o was about to sign for Man City but manager Mark Hughes withdrew the offer.
I don't think the swap will affect either team too much to effect their title hopes, but it's going to be weird seeing these two players in the wrong colours. But hey, we'll soon find out.

Ferguson has the power of money

Sir Alex Ferguson has been told by American owners The Glaziers that he can spend whatever he wants, but they don't expect him to windel their money away.
With United receiving 80 million pounds from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferguson has only spent only a portion of what people expected to spend on new players, but Ferguson intends to save the money for he feels that he doesn't really need to splash the cash for overpriced players. Meanwhile on the pitch, Park Ji-Sung will be signing a new contract, and Ryan Giggs predicts it's going to be another Premier League title for United next may, for he believes that his team can cope with life after Ronaldo and Tevez.
Giggs said

"Since I came into the team the likes of Bryan Robson, Mark Hughes, Eric Cantona, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane and David Beckham have left the club," said Giggs.
"But that is what the manager is so good at - reshaping and re-energising the team.
"Carlos and Cristiano were great players but we move on. As players it's like ships in the night. You just get on with it."

"Like ships in the night. You just get on with it."
Is that Welsh for something Ryan?

No Kaka, but I have Lampard!

Chelsea boss Ancelotti has stated that Frank Lampard can be Chelsea's Kaka. No one says that shit anymore Carlo. That sounds like you're at school on the yard and you're picking your team mates from a line up..."ok Billy, you can be my Kaka and I'll be Ronaldinho, and Johnny can be Beckham"

I wonder how Lamps thinks about that statement? The 'kind' words come as Ancelotti has been impressed with Lampard in training. He said:
"Kaka has different qualities to Lampard but Lampard works very well for the team. Lampard can play all the positions in midfield, he scores goals and moves very well without the ball. They have different qualities but are the same important player for the team. It would be more difficult to play him in front of the defence because we want to use him in an offensive position."
Carlo plans to play a 4-4-2 diamond formation and keep it that way all season long. He explained:
"This is the system we want to keep all season. It is a good system for all the players and it gives us the possibility to take control of the play. It works very well with an attacking midfielder between midfield and defence. It also worked very well for the right-back and left-back, they pushed forward a lot."

Out of Liverpool and into Madrid

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso has finally broke his silence and has stated that he is happy that Real Madrid want him, and now he wants to fell Rafa the Gaffa's wrath, after the player said he wants showdown talks with the Liverpool manager.

Real have said that their spending is far from over, and Alonso is their next target.

And he said: "It is always a great feeling when Madrid want you, especially considering the phase of the career I am in now.

Real would think that offer 35 million pounds will be sufficient to get the Kop to rerlease Alonso.
So another one looks like he's going to play for Perez. Poor Perez, how's he going to fell when the season ends and there are no trophies in the cabinet? We'll find out next may.

Didier gets life!

Chelsea's Didier Drogba says he wants to stay at Stamfor Bridge for life. After beating Inter Milan 2-0, in which he scored, he told reporters that he wants to see out his playing career at Chelsea and he's waiting to sign on the dotted line for a new three year contract within days. Drogba says that he is very happy at Chelsea.

Drogba is a very good player, very intelligent, but I just wish he would stop acting like the ref's doing him wrong.

But still, a good player. Good on Chelsea to keep him.

Gerrard follow up

Maybe this is what Gerrard does to his friends for them to soften up potential haters. Gerrard is in court for 'uppercutting' a businessman at an after match party, but only after a friend elbowed the man in the face.
But of course his lawyer will tell the jury that Steven's nature is calm, cool, never aggressive and he was provoked.

So what the f**k would you call this? If you call this calm, cool and never aggressive, maybe Vinnie Jones should be shaking in his boots if he ever came across Thug-ard.

I love football, but it's gotten out of hand, managers supporting thug players, making excuses for their behaviour, still paying then thousands of pounds just to do what? I thought it was football, but apparently i was wrong, very very wrong.

I just hope that football as a whole wakes up one day and puts a stop to all the money crap, and courts and football organizations such as UEFA and FIFA stand up and tell the players' unions to take a hike, and also tell the players themselves to either play football, or simply f**k off.

Manchester City score a whopping 1

After all the money spent in the last couple of weeks at Man City, all they could produce was a single goal to beat Kaiser Chiefs (not the band). And Gareth Barry made his debut, playing for around an hour, after costing Mark Hughes 12 million pounds.

The goal cam from a City 'old boy' Stephen Ireland at half time. Barry almost scored at half time and Etuhu blazed his shot after going past the 'Chief's goalkeeper.

Adebayor will join with his team mates and possibly make his City debut along with Carlos Tevez when City go to battle on Saturday.

I know it's only pre-season friendlies, but wouldn't you want the main eleven, the nucleus of your squad to play every game whether you have new players or not. I like Mark Hughes as a manager but with all these signings all I see for him is failure. I hope not. Prove me wrong Sparky!

Another manager falls into the Beckham circus

Bruce Arena has cuddled up to David Beckham's shoulder, asked him what's on his mind, comforted him with a series of shoulder rubs and sweet nothings in David's ear, as Beckham giggles and smiles like a schoolgirl on a first date. Okay, that didn't happen. But it seems like no matter what this shithead does, he get's away with. I'm going to start calling him Galaxy God. Okay, the 'Galaxy God' didn't like what fans were doing to him, booing him and telling him to go back home and calling him a fraud.


You sign for Galaxy, get the spotlight, then you decide that you want to play for better team, so Milan sign you on loan, in which you miss around 4 months worth of games of the MLS season, and now you return and expect the fans to do what spineless people like Arena does......"Welcome back Galaxy God, i love you"

No David, these people pay their hard earned money in an economy like this and all you can do is try to pick fights with them and motion them to "shake your hand"....We're not stupid David, so please stop treating us like we are. Landon was spot on with his view of you, i hope the rest of the Galaxy supporters soon follow suit of the group who have figured you out already.

AC Milan to loan Beckham again

AC Milan want David Beckham on loan again. That is the news that burned into my pupils when I turned on my reader today. I'm so friggin' happy I could lick whipped cream off my dog's butt..........Not really, I'm f***king pissed off. Why would you have a disruptive crybaby at your club knowing the shit he's said in the papers about team-mates (Landon Donovan), he doesn't respect the relationship between fans and players (the fiasco at the Galaxy-Milan game), and he's not the best on the Milan pitch, no matter what Posh says. Leonardo better run and hide if this actually happens, I'll find you Leonardo, just like the scene in Cape fear when Nick Nolte has Robert De Niro beaten up, but De Niro reverses the table : "Councilor, is that you?....Councilor.....come out come out wherever you are" That'll be me to Leonardo!

Beckham spent 5 long agonizing months (for me anyway) on loan at Milan and, in my opinion, DID NOT help Milan in any way. And reports have been around stating that an actual transfer of Beckham to Milan could happen for around 11.2 million pounds.

Beckham told the AC Milan website:
"I hope to return to play for Milan. They have remained in my heart and honestly I am confident I will greet them again in November. It's really pleasing to see that I have left good memories."
And you really wonder why the Galaxy fans are pissed at you? You are more stupid than the media make out!

I hope he goes to the Premiership, I really do. Milan need defenders not midfielders who think they're the star of the team, think they should get more money than the 'actual players', and think they don't have to do too much work. Milan doesn't need Beckham again, they didn't need him at all, it was just to boost the shirt sales. Please Galliani and Leonardo, signing Beckham is like a Great White Shark.........it's gonna come up and bite the Milan top dogs in the ass.

Eriksson for Nott's County...God help you County!

England's managerial flop Sven-Goran Eriksson is continuing talks with Nott's County so he can take part in getting them relegated to the Conference League.
He is to begin talks with Arab consortium Munto Finance, who recently acquired the club and will most likely be handed a Director of Football role. Maybe he should be looking for a job more suitable for him.....like a Director of Traffic. County completed last season sixth from the bottom of League Two, and Eriksson could be installed in his new position as early as Saturday for the pre-season friendly game against Nottingham Forest.
I'll wait to see if this goes anywhere other than sour.

Lock Liverpool's Captain Thug-ard up!

Liverpool thug Steven Gerrard has recently been in court in defense of him attacking a businessman at an after-match party last December.
It was told that 'Stevie G', as he is known to his fellow yobs, "lost his cool" and attacked the businessman "with the style and speed of a professional boxer".
So if he can do it in a nightclub when he's with his yobs, why can't he do it when he's on the pitch? It makes me wish Vinnie Jones was still playing!

Anyway, Gerrard let fly on this man because of a row the two had over the type of music played on the jukebox, in which the businessman was in control of all night. Crybaby Gerrard didn't like it and so Captian Thug-ard confronted the man in which the man got back into Thug-ard's face, but the surprised man got an elbow to the face from one of Gerrard's friends, then only when the man was softened up Gerrard came steaming in with uppercuts.

The best bit is that Gerrard has pleaded not guilty to this shit. What a f**king joke. And of course he's going to be a winner whatever the decision is because he Steven "Can't do anything wrong because i'm a footballer" Gerrard. Please,..... just lock the twat up for a season, with no pay and then see if he'll do it again. All the players who do shit like this should get the same treatment as your average common thief would.......JAIL!!
Remember Cantona when kicked that fan in the chest?.....he only got community service for that fiasco, and the service was teaching little kids how to play soccer. WTF is that???
Here is some of the article.

He claims he was acting in self defence.
Mr Turner told the jury: "The question for you is, 'Did Steven Gerrard take part in unlawful violence?'
"There is no doubt that he did strike Marcus McGee and the question is to decide whether we have proved that Steven Gerrard was not acting in self defence when he struck Marcus McGee. So self defence is the issue.
"You will all be aware that Steven Gerrard is a world class footballer. He has the honour to be captain of Liverpool and to play for England. He is Liverpool born and bred and is a Liverpool hero. He is a star.
"Wherever you go in Liverpool and indeed the world, there are little boys proudly wearing that red Liverpool shirt with No 8 and the name Gerrard on the back.
"We do no say that Mr Gerrard is normally an arrogant man or that he is a bully. We say that night he just lost his self control and joined in an attack which should never have taken place. He let himself down."

Gerrard has put himself in the category of the thug yob, but i guess it's the English player's requirements these days, cry, cheat, harass the ref, that sort of thing?
Source The Sun Newspaper

Man. City a threat?......No way!

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson says Manchester City is no threat to them in the new season. City with all their money are wanting to finish in the top four, but SAF is confident his team can steamroll any team in the Premier League, including City.

The United boss said: "Given all that has happened in the transfer market this summer, it is a different type of challenge we are facing. We are being challenged for the back pages"

The great Scot said that once again his main threats are Liverpool and Cheslea (are they any different)

This upcoming season will definitely prove interesting as City and Chelsea battle it out for the money Championship, and Ferguson takes the game to Liverpool and wins another trophy.
I don't play favourites, i believe Man United will win the Prem again.

Manchester United's water is tainted

I think there was something in the water at Manchester United January 1995, when Eric Cantona jumped over the advertising boards along the edge of the pitch, leaped into crowd and aimed his French legs directly at the Crystal Palace fan, sinking his studs into the fan's chest. Marvelous display of self control there.
It only took 25 days for the contaminated water to hit Cantona's brain to make him go stupid.
In the new case of contaminated water, it has taken 14 years. 14 long years for those very same contaminants to smack against Beckham's brain and make him do what he did at the Galaxy-Milan game.

Beckham was furious because of the treatment he was getting from the GALAXY fans, displaying sheets reading "Go home fraud". There is a picture showing Beckham allegedly trying to shake a fan's hand after the fan came down to the pitch from his seat in the stands.
Ok Beckham, whatever you say. The fans are booing you, calling you a fraud, telling you to go home and all you're thinking about is shaking their hand? Mr. Beckham, you're the dumb-ass, not we.
This is the video proof that Beckham is calling the fans down to where he's standing, but is held back by security.

On second thoughts, maybe it wasn't the water to his brain, maybe it was his boss Posh Spice telling him to do it. Whoever/whatever it was, i hope this circus ends soon...very soon.
Beckham, please retire?

What's wrong ref?

WTF is going on here?

Can you figure it out?

Results of last week's poll

Here are the last week's poll. You gave 4 votes to Marco Van Basten who ran out the clear winner. Shevchenko is a marvelous player, but Van Basten was the man!

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Hull say no to Barton

Hull City have said they do not want to sign Newcastle's Joey Barton.
Who would blame them. Seems like Joey spends more time in jail or in court than on the pitch.
Joey is an aggressive player, a good player at that, but he has issues outside of football.
It needs someone like Ferguson, or Fabio Capello (when he was at Milan) to manage Barton. It needs patience, but also the toughness to tell Barton that if he messes up, he'll be dealt with severely by the club.

I like Barton, and if he sorts himself out properly, he could still be a great player who will be snapped up by a massive club.

Good luck to you Barton. You'll need it at Newcastle.

Too much lovin', not enough football

Not in public please!....there's kids watching!

Beckham back to the Prem?

David Beckham might be a target for Tottenham and Chelsea, and he should be delighted with the news (as it means more money and media hype for him), but also it may book him a place to South Africa in England's World Cup squad.
The whiner returned to his first match for the Galaxy after finishing a loan spell at AC Milan to boos from sections of the crowd, who are finally realizing that his move from Real Madrid wasn't about the football at all, but for money and fame.

Tottenham and Chelsea are prepared to bring him to London, although Beckham wants to return to Italy (Leonardo...don't you dare!...i know where you live!). I hope he goes to Chelsea, just so they can pay him a huge amount and get half the player he was at Man UTD.
And Harry Redknapp.......what are you thinking? Beckham is a show-off and all he wants to do is USE a top EUROPEAN team to bolster his push for a World Cup place for England.

To ALL European teams, whether in top flight or bottom of the league, DO NOT sign David Beckham!!! Let him rot at LA and suffer the consequence of signing for the colour of green, and not for the football. He could have gone back to England instead of to the MLS, but now he has realized that if he stays with the Galaxy, he might not play for England again.

Beckham said 'Never say never. I'd definitely consider it. When I left, my heart was in Manchester - I couldn't see myself playing against United. Now I wouldn't rule it out.'

I believe Beckham is an ABBA fan, his favourite song is "Money Money Money"
Wouldn't you agree?

Football, the best sport in the world

This is reply to an article I read by Rafael Uncein called New Rules on the Gol tv website.

1. I totally agree to this one, neither can Abramovich or Man City. FIFA should take the money from every team in the top flight from every country around the world, and leave them with ten million pound as transfer money. This will make EVERY top flight team equal, then see how fair it is. Just my little experiment if i ever become FIFA President :)

2. How does it get to that stage anyway, isn't the league supposed to step in if this shit happens. three months worth of play, but no pay. WOW!

3. I'm sorry but if i own a club and i pay the player's wages, then i will evaluate him accordingly, so in this case i would ride the storm, let FIFPro do what they have to do and take the hit next summer.

4. Who cares what they eat?

5. I agree. But then again, you're telling me that top flight players today are struggling paycheck to paycheck?

6. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, there's always room for criticism. Just because he won three trophies, doesn't mean to say that he's a perfect gentleman.

7. This should be changed already. Football should have cameras permanently over the crossbar, and at every inside post position, as well as the linesmen patrolling the lines. We should also have someone looking at touchline cameras in communication with the three officials to tell them on the spot if they have the decision wrong or not.

8. This is what's wrong with FIFA, they don't monitor every league that is signed up to them.
And when they do, it takes several meetings and months later before they take action.

9. Raul is Madrid's own 'special one', so yes, play him every game until he says enough is enough, or he get's injured...God forbid.

10. Landon Donovan made the mistake of bashing team mate David Beckham about the Englishman's commitment to LA Galaxy. Look, if you have an issue, keep it within the manager's office. You, the manager, the club owner, and the person you're complaining about. That's all the people who should know.

Alan Pardew is a Saint

Southampton have named Charlton failure Alan Pardew as their new manager, signing a three year deal.

Pardew, 47, told reporters "I'm proud and very excited to be joining a club with an immense history and huge potential."

Pardew has been out of football since the failure at Charlton Athletic in Nov. 2008. And now as i remember him taking over Charlton (what a mistake that was), he starts the new season with minus 10 points for Southampton almost going belly up, and they start a division lower than what they were in this time last year.

I'm predicting that Southampton will be saying hello to Division 2 next year. I'm sorry but i have never felt that Alan Pardew was a good manager.
I'd rather have seen a newbie in the hot seat.

Hughes not giving up on John Terry

Mark Hughes has told reporters that he still hopes to sign John Terry in the near future, even though City have had a bid for Terry turned down.
But Hughes still thinks it will happen. Hughes said

"He's obviously the type of player and the calibre of player we need if we're going to progress and compete at the top level," he told BBC Sportsweek. There may be a point that we concede (defeat), but I don't think we're at that point as yet."

Hughes has already spent 80 million pounds on players so far this summer, and has said that he hasn't finished yet. He's already signed Gareth Barry, Roque Santa Cruz, Carlos Tevez and Emmanuel Adebayor, and more will follow the green brick road to Eastlands.
One former Manchester United player who has moved from the red to the blue side of the city this summer is Tevez, but Hughes said the United connection was not relevant to his decision to sign the Argentine striker.

"What I saw was an outstanding football player that could become available at the end of a loan spell with a competing club," said Hughes, himself a United striker.
"We're all absolutely delighted that he chose to join us. It's a big move for him, what with his connection to Manchester United, but he understands what we're trying to do and he's really excited by the prospect.

With the arrival of all these players, like most new players at their new clubs, are they going to think they are special and disregard the other players, or is Hughes going to lay down the law and tell everyone that he looks at the whole of his squad as equal. If he doesn't, this spending spree could backfire.

Rafa in for Young

Rafa the Gaffa is ready spend large again on Aston Villa winger Ashley Young. The sum for this transfer to go through will be 20 million pounds.
But this figure will not keep Rafa from trying to sign the Villa star, for the prospect of playing Champions League football might be too much for Young to stay at Villa Park, especially that this season will be the most important one for England's World Cup hopefuls.

Benitez tore what left of his hair out when these two clubs battled it out on the money front for Gareth Barry last year, a fight which Villa won but only because the Anfield board refused to pay the asking price of 18 million pounds.
Benitez will have the funds this time around even though O'Neill has put a 30 million pound price tag on Young, but won't get any transfer funds from the sale of Alonso, as the Spaniard is ready to stay at Anfield.

It doesn't matter who Rafa buys, or how much he spends, he always buys the wrong players, then when they don't perform like the way he wants them to, he puts them on the bench or sells them within a season or two.
If you were Liverpool manager right now, who would you buy?

Ancelotti for the title

Carlo Ancelotti and Chelsea are tipped to win the English Premier League next season.....according to David Beckham. Beckham fell in love with Ancelotti's managerial ways that he's even told reporters that Chelsea will beat Man UTD in the Premier Championship race. Sound's like he wants Ancelotti to come in a rescue him from his LA Galaxy contract, and with every comment he makes about anyone in the football world, it's clear to me that he only signed for Galaxy for three reasons......1. Posh told him to, 2. for the money, and 3. for the media circus.

Basically he has said that no-one even comes close to Ancelotti's managerial abilities. I beg to differ David. What has he done for Milan? Since taking over Milan, Ancelotti has won 1 Italian League title, 2 European Champions League, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup and 1 World Club Cup.
Not bad, but i would have liked more Italian League titles, compared to Ferguson, this is just small change. Ancelotti even ignored Ronaldinho after the brilliant Brazilian returned from injury for the second half of the season, in which i believe cost Milan second place in the league.
Beckham just wants out of MLS so bad that he's prepared to tell reporters magic stuff about anybody who will take his dumb ass.
If Leonardo signs Beckham on loan for Milan again, then he'll join Beckham in the Dumb Ass division of football.

I'm telling the teacher!......

Chelsea are furious with Mark Hughes and Manchester City for 'tapping up' John Terry. Now wait a minute, i remember the big stink in the papers around 2 or 3 years ago when Ashley Cole was watched by Chelsea. Now at the time Chelsea hadn't put in an official bid for him, instead they met Ashley in a restaurant secretly behind Wenger's and Arsenal's back, but yet when it's one of their stars being 'tapped up' they don't like it.
But how can they that JT is being tapped up when City have put in an official bid of 30 million pounds for Chelsea to sell the England star.

So unless i'm missing something here, please tell me how that is classed as 'tapping up'? Or are Chelsea so scared of JT leaving that this is their best option, to run to the Prem bosses hoping for them to tell Hughes to stop it, knowing that for once a team in the Premier League has more money than they do, and can pay a lot more than they can. Like i said before, money talks.

Ronaldinho to shine again

Ronaldinho has told reporters that he is ready to get Milan going again and play his best football, like he was at Barcelona. He told reporters that he feels like the squad look up to him and he is ready to fill the boots of Kaka. Ronaldinho doesn't need to fill anyone's boots. Ronaldinho is Ronaldinho. I've seen Ronaldinho do tricks on the ball that would put Cristiano Ronaldo to shame.
Ancelotii stopped playing Ronaldinho after the Brazilian came back from injury in the second half of the season, and it proved to be a mistake for Ancelotti.

Ancelotti's mind wasn't with Milan, because if it was Milan would have won Lo Scudetto.
I really don't know why or how Berlusconi lasted this long with Ancelotti in charge. Maybe it was out of respect as Ancelotti was a former player at Milan in the 80's.
Whatever it was, he did a bad thing leaving out Ronaldinho. I totally understand that you should fight for your place and all that, but when you choose Inzaghi over Ronaldinho, there must be something wrong with you.

Inzaghi is a goal poacher, Ronaldinho is a playmaker. Ancelotti could have easily put Kaka as a striker and played Ronaldinho in Kaka's(the traitor) position.
Well, too late now, and thankfully it's goodbye Ancelotti.

Treetop striker for Spurs

Tottenham manager Harry Reknapp wants to join the race for Portsmouth striker Peter Crouch, and is ready to fight of Fulham and Sunderland to capture his signature.

He said: "I like Peter. I've signed him several times and he's a top player."He's a player we could be interested in but we'll have to wait and see."Portsmouth obviously want to sell him now, so we'd be interested."
If this goes through i think he'll do better at Tottenham than he did at Liverpool, i mean, ask Robbie Keane about that!
Rafa has a certain managerial style that may have worked in Spain, but in the English Premier League it's doing nothing except getting him frustrated at the disappointment of not winning the title, and getting him criticism(especially from me)for his whiny ways.
Ok, back to Crouch.....Crouch is a good player in his own way, but i don't think he's world class, i think he was a mistake for Liverpool, but i think he'll patner Keane very well. Good buy for Spurs if it happens.

And Owen has scored for Manchester United!....Deja Vu

Michael Owen has scored for Man UTD on his debut in Kuala Lumpur.
He came on as a sub to score in the 84th minute to secure the 3-2 victory for Sir Alex.
He is still England quality if you just play him in the right position, which hasn't happened for a long time.
SAF was pleased with Owen's hard work.

"He's different from our other players, he's always searching for space, he's always in and around the box. He reacted well for his goal," he stated.

Anybody who has doubted Man UTD to lift the Prem title next season just because Ronaldo and Tevez has left is a fool. Owen was playing as a midfielder when he was at Newcastle, he was all over the pitch. At Liverpool when he played with Fowler, Fowler was always the playmaker and Owen was the predator who latched onto Fowler's passes and slotted them home.
Hopefully Ferguson will have Owen doing what he does best, scoring lots of goals.

All bow down to the confident one!

After all the shit whats' been going down between Donovan and Beckham, it was no surprise the amount of media watching this game at the Giants stadium on Thursday night. Galaxy beat the Red Bulls 3-1 and of course everyone made Beckham the hero. And manager Bruce Arena said that the confidence in the team on the night was radiated from Beckham, who he didn't expect to get 60 minutes of playing time out of Beckham.
And even Donovan praised Beckham's chemistry on the field.

Donovan said. "The first day he got back in training -- with players like that you don't worry about chemistry because he sees the game the same way. I think even with a little time to practice and get back on the same page, we'll figure things out a little bit more."

Fabiano's agent: Mr. Berlusconi....we need more money please.

Luis Fabiano's agent has told AC Milan they need to put some more green on the table, so that his client can touch the San Siro's green. Fabiano's agent Mr. Fuentes told Radio Onda Zero that it is Milan's offer that is the sticking opoint in this deal. According to him, Milan only want to pay 14 million euros, but Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido demands 20 million euros. Do Milan need more players, all they need to do is get their existing stars to unite and become a team, not indivdual players who can play their socks off, but they lack something. Hopefully Leonardo can make it happen.

Deja Vu......in blue.

Man City have given a massive welcome to Carlos Tevez, and given a huge f**k you to Man UTD.
City have put up a huge poster of Carlos reading: Welcome to Manchester.
Mark Hughes signed Tevez after his two year Man UTD deal ended.
They're going to have to find more places to hang all the posters of all the stars they're buying. Hughes still wants John Terry and Joleon Lescott. I think it's just a matter of time for the both of them.

This is the article from The Sun newspaper

Trading players like it's Football Manager 2009

Barcelona and Inter Milan have agreed to trade....Eto'o + cash for Ibrahimovic. It has been reported that Barca will pay 35 million pound plus Eto'o for Ibrahimovic, and in addition Alex Hleb will spend a season on loan at Inter.
Eto'o was about to sign for Manchester City until City pulled out of the deal. He is out of contract next summer and will be transfer delight for anyone who can snap him up on a free.
After jumping ship from a sinking Juventus in 2006, amongst all the match fixing crap, Ibrahimovic has been in the spotlight ever since and supposedly become one of Europe's top marksmen. He was Serie A top scorer last season, and has been courted by Manchester United and Real Madrid.
If Ibrahimovic does go to Barcelona, he will again be with Maxwell, who has just joined Barca from Inter for 3.9 million pounds.
I think that Eto'o should stay at Barca because he's a hard worker and can score goals.
All i see Ibrahimovic do is complain, wait by the last defender and throw his arms up in the air when he gets beat on the ball.