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Please stay Alonso!

Rafa the Gaffa has told Xabi Alonso that he should stay at Liverpool. The Reds are on a Far East tour in Singapore and received an ovation from the fans as the team trained on Friday night.
Benitez told a press conference "I was talking to him yesterday and telling him to listen to the fans. They love Xabi."
"I said to him, 'Maybe you have to stay.'
"You can see he is a really good player and I'll be really pleased if he stays. All the players want him to stay. They want to win and be contenders this year.
"If we keep Xabi I will be very pleased, and I feel the same way about Javier Mascherano."

That's great Rafa, but maybe he's tired of you, maybe he's tired of not winning the Premier League, or maybe he wants more money than you can offer.
Whatever it is, i'm sure we'll find out soon enough. (i place my bet on the latter!)


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