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Ferguson has the power of money

Sir Alex Ferguson has been told by American owners The Glaziers that he can spend whatever he wants, but they don't expect him to windel their money away.
With United receiving 80 million pounds from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferguson has only spent only a portion of what people expected to spend on new players, but Ferguson intends to save the money for he feels that he doesn't really need to splash the cash for overpriced players. Meanwhile on the pitch, Park Ji-Sung will be signing a new contract, and Ryan Giggs predicts it's going to be another Premier League title for United next may, for he believes that his team can cope with life after Ronaldo and Tevez.
Giggs said

"Since I came into the team the likes of Bryan Robson, Mark Hughes, Eric Cantona, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane and David Beckham have left the club," said Giggs.
"But that is what the manager is so good at - reshaping and re-energising the team.
"Carlos and Cristiano were great players but we move on. As players it's like ships in the night. You just get on with it."

"Like ships in the night. You just get on with it."
Is that Welsh for something Ryan?


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