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Beckham fined $1,000

David Beckham has been fined for his antics at the Galaxy-Milan game. Beck-Ham has been fined $1,000 for his taunts at unhappy Galaxy fans who called him a fraud(they're not wrong David!). So what's $1,000 fine to a man who makes 25 million pound a year? Exactly......sweet FA!

MLS commissioner Don Garber said: "Our players should never engage in conduct that can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come on to the field."
Becks plays for LA in Kansas City tonight, with Wizards fan Jeff Szajnuk promising: "He'll have a bunch of chants coming."

Becks got this shitty fine for going over to Galaxy fans who held up banners reading "Go home fraud", so tough guy Beckham motioned down a fan to "shake his hand", what a pathetic lie! You wanted to smack the piss out of that fan and you know it. The fan got arrested for leaving his seat, but the Galaxy God only got $1,000 fine, equivalent to thirteen minutes work for Beckham.
Maybe we should fine the MLS commisioner Beckham's salary for fining Beckham so low?


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