"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

All bow down to the confident one!

After all the shit whats' been going down between Donovan and Beckham, it was no surprise the amount of media watching this game at the Giants stadium on Thursday night. Galaxy beat the Red Bulls 3-1 and of course everyone made Beckham the hero. And manager Bruce Arena said that the confidence in the team on the night was radiated from Beckham, who he didn't expect to get 60 minutes of playing time out of Beckham.
And even Donovan praised Beckham's chemistry on the field.

Donovan said. "The first day he got back in training -- with players like that you don't worry about chemistry because he sees the game the same way. I think even with a little time to practice and get back on the same page, we'll figure things out a little bit more."


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