"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Gerrard follow up

Maybe this is what Gerrard does to his friends for them to soften up potential haters. Gerrard is in court for 'uppercutting' a businessman at an after match party, but only after a friend elbowed the man in the face.
But of course his lawyer will tell the jury that Steven's nature is calm, cool, never aggressive and he was provoked.

So what the f**k would you call this? If you call this calm, cool and never aggressive, maybe Vinnie Jones should be shaking in his boots if he ever came across Thug-ard.

I love football, but it's gotten out of hand, managers supporting thug players, making excuses for their behaviour, still paying then thousands of pounds just to do what? I thought it was football, but apparently i was wrong, very very wrong.

I just hope that football as a whole wakes up one day and puts a stop to all the money crap, and courts and football organizations such as UEFA and FIFA stand up and tell the players' unions to take a hike, and also tell the players themselves to either play football, or simply f**k off.


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