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Mourinho To Ibrahimovic: Fans Didn't Like You

Inter manager Jose Mourinho is angry at the swap deal of his star forward Ibrahimovic for Sammy Eto'o. Although he says that getting Eto'o is good business, no manager wants to lose a player like Ibrahimovic. I'm sure Sammy will feel overjoyed when he reads that line in the papers.
With pressure to win the Champions League this season from his boss Moratti, Mourinho knows that he's going to have to work extra hard to fit Eto'o into his setup.
Mourinho said that there are three stronger teams than Inter in Europe at the moment, a statement which has previously infuriated Moratti, and he has told Mourinho that there should be no excuses this time around in lifting the Champions League crown next May.

Mourinho said "If the president wants the Champions League, I will give him the replica I have at home.
"I know that's not what he wants. He's an honest person, he knows there are seven or eight clubs in line for the same objective.
"If he doesn't' know it, I will tell him myself that two or three are stronger than us at the moment."

Mourinho is a good manager, a bit of a whiner at times, but i still think that Mourinho wins trophies not because he's a good manager, but he's walked into teams that have been set up for him already. The Chelsea setup was already there, and Mancini set up Inter perfectly so yes, i think Mourinho is under pressure to win big, even more so now that Ibrahimovic has gone.


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