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Beckham back to the Prem?

David Beckham might be a target for Tottenham and Chelsea, and he should be delighted with the news (as it means more money and media hype for him), but also it may book him a place to South Africa in England's World Cup squad.
The whiner returned to his first match for the Galaxy after finishing a loan spell at AC Milan to boos from sections of the crowd, who are finally realizing that his move from Real Madrid wasn't about the football at all, but for money and fame.

Tottenham and Chelsea are prepared to bring him to London, although Beckham wants to return to Italy (Leonardo...don't you dare!...i know where you live!). I hope he goes to Chelsea, just so they can pay him a huge amount and get half the player he was at Man UTD.
And Harry Redknapp.......what are you thinking? Beckham is a show-off and all he wants to do is USE a top EUROPEAN team to bolster his push for a World Cup place for England.

To ALL European teams, whether in top flight or bottom of the league, DO NOT sign David Beckham!!! Let him rot at LA and suffer the consequence of signing for the colour of green, and not for the football. He could have gone back to England instead of to the MLS, but now he has realized that if he stays with the Galaxy, he might not play for England again.

Beckham said 'Never say never. I'd definitely consider it. When I left, my heart was in Manchester - I couldn't see myself playing against United. Now I wouldn't rule it out.'

I believe Beckham is an ABBA fan, his favourite song is "Money Money Money"
Wouldn't you agree?


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