"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Ferguson wants goals..goals....goals!

Is Sir Alex feeling the pressure already? He's told Michael Owen that he wants at least fifteen goals from him in this coming season. With the departure of Tevez and Ronaldo, and the transfer of Frazier Campbell, he's asking the wrong man to score fifteen goals......i think he'll score more. Now Owen will have quality players all around him, he'll have the support of the midfield which he didn't have when he was at Newcastle, so yeah, he's going to score lots of goals.....as long as he can stay fit.

With all respect, he shouldn't be asking Owen to score fifteen goals, i think he should be asking Berbatov!
Berbatov is a relatively good player, he has the technical ability along with the goalscoring talent, but something is a miss with him at Old Trafford.
I want to see Owen in action, like i said, it's not Owen you have to question, it's the other forwards who partner him.


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