"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Manchester United's water is tainted

I think there was something in the water at Manchester United January 1995, when Eric Cantona jumped over the advertising boards along the edge of the pitch, leaped into crowd and aimed his French legs directly at the Crystal Palace fan, sinking his studs into the fan's chest. Marvelous display of self control there.
It only took 25 days for the contaminated water to hit Cantona's brain to make him go stupid.
In the new case of contaminated water, it has taken 14 years. 14 long years for those very same contaminants to smack against Beckham's brain and make him do what he did at the Galaxy-Milan game.

Beckham was furious because of the treatment he was getting from the GALAXY fans, displaying sheets reading "Go home fraud". There is a picture showing Beckham allegedly trying to shake a fan's hand after the fan came down to the pitch from his seat in the stands.
Ok Beckham, whatever you say. The fans are booing you, calling you a fraud, telling you to go home and all you're thinking about is shaking their hand? Mr. Beckham, you're the dumb-ass, not we.
This is the video proof that Beckham is calling the fans down to where he's standing, but is held back by security.

On second thoughts, maybe it wasn't the water to his brain, maybe it was his boss Posh Spice telling him to do it. Whoever/whatever it was, i hope this circus ends soon...very soon.
Beckham, please retire?


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