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Eto'o for Inter Milan

Inter Milan and Barcelona have agreed the switching of Sammy Eto'o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Inter will get Eto'o, cash AND Hleb on loan, and to me for Barcelona, it's a very stupid move. Ibrahimovic is a good player, i just don't like the dirty tricks he pulls when he doesn't have to, and his work rate is left to be desired sometimes, where as Eto'o, he'll run anywhere all game, whether it's for himself or for his fellow players.
Seems like Guardiola knows what he's doing right?......i mean he did win the treble. This is what he said about Eto'o

"I am convinced that the best thing for Barca is for Eto'o to leave," stated Guardiola. "Could I be mistaken? Maybe so. But I am here to make these decisions."
Guardiola added Eto'o's departure would be good for the team.
"I feel that it is best for the club and the team. It's a question of feelings," said Guardiola. "I am not here to change anyone's character, but I can decide on which players I want to count on for the season.
"After what we won, we had to change the dressing room. I took this decision from my experience as a footballer."
Eto'o was about to sign for Man City but manager Mark Hughes withdrew the offer.
I don't think the swap will affect either team too much to effect their title hopes, but it's going to be weird seeing these two players in the wrong colours. But hey, we'll soon find out.


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