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Ronaldinho to shine again

Ronaldinho has told reporters that he is ready to get Milan going again and play his best football, like he was at Barcelona. He told reporters that he feels like the squad look up to him and he is ready to fill the boots of Kaka. Ronaldinho doesn't need to fill anyone's boots. Ronaldinho is Ronaldinho. I've seen Ronaldinho do tricks on the ball that would put Cristiano Ronaldo to shame.
Ancelotii stopped playing Ronaldinho after the Brazilian came back from injury in the second half of the season, and it proved to be a mistake for Ancelotti.

Ancelotti's mind wasn't with Milan, because if it was Milan would have won Lo Scudetto.
I really don't know why or how Berlusconi lasted this long with Ancelotti in charge. Maybe it was out of respect as Ancelotti was a former player at Milan in the 80's.
Whatever it was, he did a bad thing leaving out Ronaldinho. I totally understand that you should fight for your place and all that, but when you choose Inzaghi over Ronaldinho, there must be something wrong with you.

Inzaghi is a goal poacher, Ronaldinho is a playmaker. Ancelotti could have easily put Kaka as a striker and played Ronaldinho in Kaka's(the traitor) position.
Well, too late now, and thankfully it's goodbye Ancelotti.


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