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No Kaka, but I have Lampard!

Chelsea boss Ancelotti has stated that Frank Lampard can be Chelsea's Kaka. No one says that shit anymore Carlo. That sounds like you're at school on the yard and you're picking your team mates from a line up..."ok Billy, you can be my Kaka and I'll be Ronaldinho, and Johnny can be Beckham"

I wonder how Lamps thinks about that statement? The 'kind' words come as Ancelotti has been impressed with Lampard in training. He said:
"Kaka has different qualities to Lampard but Lampard works very well for the team. Lampard can play all the positions in midfield, he scores goals and moves very well without the ball. They have different qualities but are the same important player for the team. It would be more difficult to play him in front of the defence because we want to use him in an offensive position."
Carlo plans to play a 4-4-2 diamond formation and keep it that way all season long. He explained:
"This is the system we want to keep all season. It is a good system for all the players and it gives us the possibility to take control of the play. It works very well with an attacking midfielder between midfield and defence. It also worked very well for the right-back and left-back, they pushed forward a lot."


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