"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Another manager falls into the Beckham circus

Bruce Arena has cuddled up to David Beckham's shoulder, asked him what's on his mind, comforted him with a series of shoulder rubs and sweet nothings in David's ear, as Beckham giggles and smiles like a schoolgirl on a first date. Okay, that didn't happen. But it seems like no matter what this shithead does, he get's away with. I'm going to start calling him Galaxy God. Okay, the 'Galaxy God' didn't like what fans were doing to him, booing him and telling him to go back home and calling him a fraud.


You sign for Galaxy, get the spotlight, then you decide that you want to play for better team, so Milan sign you on loan, in which you miss around 4 months worth of games of the MLS season, and now you return and expect the fans to do what spineless people like Arena does......"Welcome back Galaxy God, i love you"

No David, these people pay their hard earned money in an economy like this and all you can do is try to pick fights with them and motion them to "shake your hand"....We're not stupid David, so please stop treating us like we are. Landon was spot on with his view of you, i hope the rest of the Galaxy supporters soon follow suit of the group who have figured you out already.


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