"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Football, the best sport in the world

This is reply to an article I read by Rafael Uncein called New Rules on the Gol tv website.

1. I totally agree to this one, neither can Abramovich or Man City. FIFA should take the money from every team in the top flight from every country around the world, and leave them with ten million pound as transfer money. This will make EVERY top flight team equal, then see how fair it is. Just my little experiment if i ever become FIFA President :)

2. How does it get to that stage anyway, isn't the league supposed to step in if this shit happens. three months worth of play, but no pay. WOW!

3. I'm sorry but if i own a club and i pay the player's wages, then i will evaluate him accordingly, so in this case i would ride the storm, let FIFPro do what they have to do and take the hit next summer.

4. Who cares what they eat?

5. I agree. But then again, you're telling me that top flight players today are struggling paycheck to paycheck?

6. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, there's always room for criticism. Just because he won three trophies, doesn't mean to say that he's a perfect gentleman.

7. This should be changed already. Football should have cameras permanently over the crossbar, and at every inside post position, as well as the linesmen patrolling the lines. We should also have someone looking at touchline cameras in communication with the three officials to tell them on the spot if they have the decision wrong or not.

8. This is what's wrong with FIFA, they don't monitor every league that is signed up to them.
And when they do, it takes several meetings and months later before they take action.

9. Raul is Madrid's own 'special one', so yes, play him every game until he says enough is enough, or he get's injured...God forbid.

10. Landon Donovan made the mistake of bashing team mate David Beckham about the Englishman's commitment to LA Galaxy. Look, if you have an issue, keep it within the manager's office. You, the manager, the club owner, and the person you're complaining about. That's all the people who should know.


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