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Mourinho: Inter fans didn't like Ibrahimovic

Inter manager Jose Mourinho has took a stab at transfer bound Ibrahimovic, stating that he was never liked by the Inter fans.
Ibra is set to go to Barcelona, and Sammy Eto'o coming to Inter, and Mourinho said that Inter fans will have more affection for Eto'o than Ibrahimovic. Mourinho goes on to say the deal that is set up...Ibrahimovic in swap for Eto'o, cash AND Hleb on loan, is an incredible one.

I have two questions to this.

1. Who's making way for Hleb and Eto'o
2. Why doesn't Mourinho seem to be in control of the transfers?

I could never be a manager of a club who doesn't trust my opinion on who stays and who doesn't. Some people gave Kevin Keegan shit for resigning from Newcastle because of the Director of Football Dennis Wise crap. But at least he spoke out and basically said F**k You.
At least someone's got the guts to.
My prediction: Eto'o a hit....Ibrahimovic a BIG miss. Looks like Guardiola will be crying in his beer on this occasion.
What do you think?


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