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AC Milan to loan Beckham again

AC Milan want David Beckham on loan again. That is the news that burned into my pupils when I turned on my reader today. I'm so friggin' happy I could lick whipped cream off my dog's butt..........Not really, I'm f***king pissed off. Why would you have a disruptive crybaby at your club knowing the shit he's said in the papers about team-mates (Landon Donovan), he doesn't respect the relationship between fans and players (the fiasco at the Galaxy-Milan game), and he's not the best on the Milan pitch, no matter what Posh says. Leonardo better run and hide if this actually happens, I'll find you Leonardo, just like the scene in Cape fear when Nick Nolte has Robert De Niro beaten up, but De Niro reverses the table : "Councilor, is that you?....Councilor.....come out come out wherever you are" That'll be me to Leonardo!

Beckham spent 5 long agonizing months (for me anyway) on loan at Milan and, in my opinion, DID NOT help Milan in any way. And reports have been around stating that an actual transfer of Beckham to Milan could happen for around 11.2 million pounds.

Beckham told the AC Milan website:
"I hope to return to play for Milan. They have remained in my heart and honestly I am confident I will greet them again in November. It's really pleasing to see that I have left good memories."
And you really wonder why the Galaxy fans are pissed at you? You are more stupid than the media make out!

I hope he goes to the Premiership, I really do. Milan need defenders not midfielders who think they're the star of the team, think they should get more money than the 'actual players', and think they don't have to do too much work. Milan doesn't need Beckham again, they didn't need him at all, it was just to boost the shirt sales. Please Galliani and Leonardo, signing Beckham is like a Great White Shark.........it's gonna come up and bite the Milan top dogs in the ass.


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