"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Gerrard update 2

Liverpool super-thug Steven Gerrard was in court again, trying to convince the jury that he's sorry and he'll never do it again until the next time his pals soften someone up for him. What a shit!! Steven, please tell me,....how are you supposed to defend yourself if no-one is coming at you to attack you, in fact, the man who you say is attacking YOU is being attacked by YOUR pals!

Gerrard said that It was very difficult at the time to explain to police why I did throw that first punch. Well, it seems like after viewing the video, it's hard for anyone to see why you threw the first punch.
LFC chaplain the Reverend Bill Bygroves stated that Gerrard is a terrific ambassador for the club. Yes, i see, it looks like it.
The court was hearing that Gerrard had been in trouble before when he was 19 for drinking and driving.

The footballer told the court that he suffered "a lot of mither" in bars and other places such as shopping centres and restaurants. Ok Stevie, either you're not telling the truth about Liverpool liking you, or you're just a natural twat and that's why people give you 'mither'. Because Mr.McGhee wasn't mithering you.
And to have someone as Kenny Dalglish to speak for your personality, he fucking work's at Liverpool now so yes he's going to say you're a good character.

When the trial continues tomorrow, my dream tonight is for the jury to send you down the river without a paddle.


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