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Franz is furious!

Franz Beckenbauer has aimed angry words at Franck Ribery, saying that Ribery has used Bayern to make a name for himself. Beckenbauer questioned Ribery's loyalty to Bayern, after Ribery stated that he would have liked to join Real Madrid this summer.

Beckenbauer said "Ribery only came here to make a name for himself," Beckenbauer was quoted by the Bild newspaper as saying at a benefit evening on Saturday night.
"He doesn't give a damn about Munich."

Ribery can leave Munich next season because of the pathetic FIFA rule.....article 17, which allows a player under the age of 28 to walk away from a club after three years of his contract. So if Bayern don't sell Ribery between now and next April, they will get no money for the French International if he decides to leave next summer.

The clubs should be able to sue the players if they break the contact, or there should be a rule, stating that if you sign a four year contract with a club, that's it, you're there until the time's up.
But, i want to protect the players too.
Once the player signs that contract he cannot request a transfer, nor can the club sell him. If he doesn't like it, he can rot in the reserves, but also the player if fit, has to be able to play in the first team for at least half the season.

I think this way we'll cut out all the bullshit of transfer chaos.
Any suggestions on how to make it better?


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