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Ancelotti for the title

Carlo Ancelotti and Chelsea are tipped to win the English Premier League next season.....according to David Beckham. Beckham fell in love with Ancelotti's managerial ways that he's even told reporters that Chelsea will beat Man UTD in the Premier Championship race. Sound's like he wants Ancelotti to come in a rescue him from his LA Galaxy contract, and with every comment he makes about anyone in the football world, it's clear to me that he only signed for Galaxy for three reasons......1. Posh told him to, 2. for the money, and 3. for the media circus.

Basically he has said that no-one even comes close to Ancelotti's managerial abilities. I beg to differ David. What has he done for Milan? Since taking over Milan, Ancelotti has won 1 Italian League title, 2 European Champions League, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup and 1 World Club Cup.
Not bad, but i would have liked more Italian League titles, compared to Ferguson, this is just small change. Ancelotti even ignored Ronaldinho after the brilliant Brazilian returned from injury for the second half of the season, in which i believe cost Milan second place in the league.
Beckham just wants out of MLS so bad that he's prepared to tell reporters magic stuff about anybody who will take his dumb ass.
If Leonardo signs Beckham on loan for Milan again, then he'll join Beckham in the Dumb Ass division of football.


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