"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Beckham the liar!

LA Galaxy God Beckham has been proven to be a liar. What a surprise! Beckham said of the taunts at the Galaxy game with Milan, in which a fan got out of his seat to confront Beckham, after Beckham motioned the fan to come down to the pitch, in which Beckham said he just wanted to "shake the fans' hand". But extra footage of that scene shows a different story. Thanks to footage from The News Of The World newspaper, it shows Beckham saying more than asking to shake the fans' hand.

This is what two experts say Beckham's shouting
"Hey you, here, come on down here. Come on down, yes, YOU, down, yeah, yeah, you. You watch it, f*****. I'll SHOW you if you come down."

What he should have been saying is "I say, Excuse me sir, yes you, would you kindly stop calling me a fraud...i'd appreciate it so much ol' chap. After the game, i was wondering if you would join Victoria and I for a spot of tea at my mansion?...you will?...jolly good ol' sport....6 O' Clock sharp."

Instead all Becks wanted to do is punch this fan's lights out, just for speaking the truth. Fraud....money grabber.....joke.....twat....any more you can think of?

The UK's top forensic lip reader Marianne Frere translated what the 34-year-old free-kick legend REALLY said.
Profoundly-deaf Marianne said: "Beckham is absolutely furious - 'steaming' is the word I'd use. "His body language as he walks up is tense and aggressive - it brings to mind a coiled spring. "He speaks the words he says harshly, aggressively and you can tell from the amount of energy that he is putting into his speech, which is reflected in his facial muscles, that he is shouting in a very macho alpha male manner."

Need i say more?............F**king FRAUD!


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