"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Lock Liverpool's Captain Thug-ard up!

Liverpool thug Steven Gerrard has recently been in court in defense of him attacking a businessman at an after-match party last December.
It was told that 'Stevie G', as he is known to his fellow yobs, "lost his cool" and attacked the businessman "with the style and speed of a professional boxer".
So if he can do it in a nightclub when he's with his yobs, why can't he do it when he's on the pitch? It makes me wish Vinnie Jones was still playing!

Anyway, Gerrard let fly on this man because of a row the two had over the type of music played on the jukebox, in which the businessman was in control of all night. Crybaby Gerrard didn't like it and so Captian Thug-ard confronted the man in which the man got back into Thug-ard's face, but the surprised man got an elbow to the face from one of Gerrard's friends, then only when the man was softened up Gerrard came steaming in with uppercuts.

The best bit is that Gerrard has pleaded not guilty to this shit. What a f**king joke. And of course he's going to be a winner whatever the decision is because he Steven "Can't do anything wrong because i'm a footballer" Gerrard. Please,..... just lock the twat up for a season, with no pay and then see if he'll do it again. All the players who do shit like this should get the same treatment as your average common thief would.......JAIL!!
Remember Cantona when kicked that fan in the chest?.....he only got community service for that fiasco, and the service was teaching little kids how to play soccer. WTF is that???
Here is some of the article.

He claims he was acting in self defence.
Mr Turner told the jury: "The question for you is, 'Did Steven Gerrard take part in unlawful violence?'
"There is no doubt that he did strike Marcus McGee and the question is to decide whether we have proved that Steven Gerrard was not acting in self defence when he struck Marcus McGee. So self defence is the issue.
"You will all be aware that Steven Gerrard is a world class footballer. He has the honour to be captain of Liverpool and to play for England. He is Liverpool born and bred and is a Liverpool hero. He is a star.
"Wherever you go in Liverpool and indeed the world, there are little boys proudly wearing that red Liverpool shirt with No 8 and the name Gerrard on the back.
"We do no say that Mr Gerrard is normally an arrogant man or that he is a bully. We say that night he just lost his self control and joined in an attack which should never have taken place. He let himself down."

Gerrard has put himself in the category of the thug yob, but i guess it's the English player's requirements these days, cry, cheat, harass the ref, that sort of thing?
Source The Sun Newspaper


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