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Wenger: Kids to win the title.

Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger says his Young Guns can take the title this season amidst criticism of the squad being too young and doesn't have experience.
He talked about why he turned down the chance to manage Kaka, Ronaldo and Co. The reason......his Youth Project that he has going on at Arsenal.

He said: "I felt if I left I would have in some way betrayed my beliefs. "It was nothing to do with Real Madrid, it was about Arsenal.
"I knew what Real were about to do but I have a project here that I started four years ago. I could not leave at this stage of their development.
"To talk of winning the League is an audacious statement but I built this team and I want to deliver with this team. "At 22 or 23 a team is mature enough to deliver."

I am impressed with Wenger for what he's doing at Arsenal, but when is it going to fruition?, He hasn't won a thing since Pat Vieira left for Juve in 2005. In these times where there is so much pressure in football, no matter what division you're playing in, i'm surprised he still works at Arsenal!

I do applaud him for the youth project, but he has so many foreigners in that squad it is sad for English football. A club like Arsenal was known for it's good English players back in the late 80's early 90's, at one point in time the Arsenal defence was the English national team defence, and now since Wenger took over way back in the mid 90's, the production of English players from that club has fizzled to nothing.

Liverpool and Chelsea are to blame too. Even to some extent Man UTD are in the same boat with these offenders. And England fans wonder why England can't win a major trophy. This is the reason, and until Prem bosses wise up to this and the English FA grow some balls and implement the foreigner rule, it will be the same for season's to come.


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