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Aguero a Chelsea target.....who isn't?

Chealsea are planning a 42 million pound bid for Athletico Madrid's star Sergio Aguero because owner Roman Abramovich wants to have a major name in the list of players signed by Chelsea this season.
Madrid will play in a Champions League qualifier against Panathinaikos this Wednesday, and it looks like the Spaniards will tell Chelsea that they either have to match the 50 million pound asking price or forget about the whole deal.
Chelsea's offer for the 21 year old Argentine would surpass Man City's 32.5 million pound signing of Robinho which is still a British record.

Ancelotti said: "The market finishes on August 31 and if there is some possibility to improve the squad we can do it."

I guess Ancelotti's a happy camper now that he's in a club where finances are not a worry, not like Milan where he had to sell a player to buy a player.
Seriously, where would they play him. Is Ancelotti going to sell 2/3 players to accommodate his new boys, or is it the case of past seasons where it's all buy buy buy and then players complain about not being in the starting lineup.
If that's the case (again) it will be his downfall eventually. I don't think Chelsea will win anything this season (Community Shield doesn't count in my books)


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