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Debate: The English Premier League

What's gone wrong with the English Premier League. Some people will say nothing. But i beg to differ. Call me an old fashioned fart, but when i used to watch the Premier League back in the late 80's (which was fashionably called Division 1.....Liverpool were winning everything except The European Cup (now the Champions League) because English clubs were banned from European competitions because of the Hysel stadium disaster. Anyway......Liverpool were winning at least one trophy a season, Man UTD were nowhere to be found, Arsenal were rising up, Chelsea.....don't make me laugh LOL!!

The Division 1 was made up of players mainly from the UK, we a few foreigners, but it was a British division. In the late 80's there were talks of a breakaway league, and the top five clubs at the time all voted for it, the clubs being Liverpool, Man UTD, Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham.(told you Chelsea was in no-ones minds!) That league would eventually become the Premier League. Glorious moneybags Premier League. Since then we've seen the same old teams win the major trophies. There have been a few surprises along the way like Blackburn winning the Prem title in '95........Newcastle giving Man UTD a run for their money in the '96-'97 campaign. There have only been 4 winners since the Prem began in '92-'93, Man UTD winning 11 titles, Arsenal winning 3, Chelsea winning 2 and Blackburn winning 1. Now you could say that it's the same as Liverpool winning almost everything in the 80's, to some degree yes, but the money wasn't there when it was Division 1.

I don't think it's the clubs that's ruining football, it's the greedy league chiefs at the FA and Prem League!!
If the FA are so concerned about the state of English football, that there's not enough talent coming through the ranks of clubs to play at the highest level, then they should tell Platini and UEFA to F**k off and implement the foreigner rule, where a club can only have 3 foreigners in the starting 16 (11+5 subs), and can only buy 1 foreigner per season. And the owners of the clubs has to be from British. This is the only way to be fair, and at the same time make sure England national team will get the stars they're looking for in the future. I don't want to see foreign talent banished from the Premier League, whether be a manager, a coach or a player, but we need stricter rules for English football to survive. And to show i'm not prejudiced, i think every league in the world should do this, it will make the owners and managers be more careful with their money, and make them think a little harder. See who has what it takes to be called a top manager.
Ok, i've had my rant, lets hear yours.


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