"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Sir Alex to Rafa Benitez: You won't win the title.

Okay, i want this to happen. Alex to dress up as Goku, and Rafa as fat Majin Buu, just like the characters from Dragonball Z go to Wembley and just fight it out. Who do you think would win?
Right, back to football.........Sir Alex has told Rafa that his team have no chance winning the title from them this season.
Ferguson said Ancelotti's Chelsea is his main worry for this season.

Fergie said: "It will be hard for them to match last season, let alone improve on it. Other teams will know more about them."

Liverpool came a close second to United last season, but Ferguson wasn't stressed.

He went on to say: "Liverpool had probably their best season for 20 years and still finished four points adrift.
"It has to be Chelsea as the main threat. Ancelotti will change how they play.
"They will play the Milan way. It brought him two European Cups - it should have been three, because they should never have lost to Liverpool. So why should he change?"
He added: "The thrust of their team is all about Gerrard and Torres."

Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City had just better step back and watch Man Utd do it again. Remember in the early 90's when UTD were winning everything, it was either Fergie or Wenger lifting trophies, well it's that time again, only Arsenal won't be anywhere near a trophy this season again.
Although i don't really like Ferguson, i have to applaud him in what he's done at Man Utd over the last 20 years.
All hail Alex the Great!


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