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JT and Becks BFF

David Beckham has told fellow England team mate John Terry to be aware of leaving Chelsea to join Man City. And of course, who else to give JT advice than sir cry-a-lot, after all, he left Man UTD after 10 years, the club who made him famous, to go to Real Madrid. He says that it shouldn't be about money, but happiness.

Becks said: "Happiness is the biggest thing. If you've got passion to play for the club you're at - and you're at the club you always wanted to be at - that goes beyond any money.
"JT's like that. He's passionate about football, not passionate about money. He'll decide what's best for his career. It won't be about money for him."
"He's England captain and you don't become England captain by being greedy. You get the job because you're passionate about the game."

Terry took over the captain's armband from Beckham for England in 2006, which makes me think how the hell he Becks got the armband in the first place. Beckham recalled the so called 'pain' of leaving Old Trafford was so great that he couldn't watch his old club on the t.v (give me a break!)

Beckham, 34, revealed "I always wanted to stay at United for my whole career but there was nothing I could have done about it. It wasn't in my hands when I left United.
"I missed it. I couldn't even bear to watch them on the TV for the first three years after leaving just because it hurt me a lot."

The overpaid LA Galaxy star intends to finish the current MLS season, then hop on over to Europe to play (if there is a god, Leonardo will see through his fake ass) so he can boost his chances of making England's World Cup squad, and he firmly believes he will holding hands with JT on the plane as they take off to South Africa next summer.

Becks added: "Football's a funny old game. Things can change quickly. But I don't think JT will move because he's Chelsea through and through.
"We'll have to wait and see. But I think he'll stay at Chelsea as they won't want to lose him."


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