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REAL MADRID president Florentino Perez is making plans to destroy the English Premier League as it it today.
Perez wants a European Super League made to have the Premier League's top four play the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Co. every week.

He said: "What we need to work out with UEFA is a European Super League that guarantees that all the top teams play each other all the time - something that does not happen in the current Champions League."

Perez's Real revamp this summer has seen the Spanish giants bring in Ronaldo and Kaka, in which the snapped up from under the noses of Chelsea.
Now Perez wants to sit down with UEFA chiefs and possibly mstrip the Premier League of it's heavyweights and money.
The plan is to maximise TV revenue and sponsorship deals for Europe's big clubs and would threaten the future of the smallest sides in the Premier League.
Asked if he would put his full weight behind a Super League he added: "Yes, but without abandoning national leagues."

This league has been an idea from back in the early 90's, so will it get off the ground?....i doubt it. And as for threatening the future of small Premier League sides..come on..when the Premier League was the old Division 1, and the Championship was Div. 2 (and so on) when did you hear of LEAGUE teams call the administrators in?

When the Premier League was thought of in the late 80's, it was the top 5 teams that was all for it initially.....Liverpool, Arsenal, Man UTD, Everton, Tottenham, and people said it would ruin English football as a whole. Well, now there's too much money passed around, we have foreign owners willing to pass the buck if their club don't win anything after one season, managers getting sacked after one season........even after 6 months.
Where is the loyalty of the players like we had in the past.
For Perez to say that he will destroy the Premier League....no he won't. For Perez to say that there will be a Super League....i doubt it.
Perez won't destroy English football, it's already been ruined.


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