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Vieira set to return to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has seen his 'youth project' come to nothing, not one trophy since 2005. And that was when Patrick Vieira left for Juventus.
It's strange to see Arsene being humbled by his own policy. I don't know about you but i knew as soon as Vieira left Arsenal there was going to be trouble for Wenger. I'm not saying that Wenger is a stupid man, far from it, but why would you take a chance on all these young players when you have half the team as youth and the other half older. Ferguson has the right balance and i think that's why he's so successful. He puts 2 or 3 youth players in with the older and experienced players and he wins trophy after trophy. Arsene has found the one player that he has to bow down to, and not the player bowing down to him.


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