"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

UEFA's full of shit

Chelsea cheat Didier Drogba has had his four game European ban cut down to three thanks to an appeal. Drogba had a boo hoo session to the referee after the semi final game against Barcelona, in which Chelsea lost. Would he have done the same thing if Chelsea had won?.......No. He even appeared to have swore at the TV cameras (great role model for the kids). But of course, even though he's caught on camera swearing and shouting at officials, UEFA took the easy way out and basically made a point to Drogba and the rest of Europe that it's ok to swear and push and shout at officals, make a spectacle of yourself on global tv. It's ok. You get paid all this money to do this sort of shit. Thank you Mr. Platini and Co. for allowing this crap to happen. And what the fuck is a three match ban going to do? Please. For football's sake cut this shit out!

Here's the baby shouting at the officials. Somebody smack him!


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