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Terry is a Blue forever!

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has said that John Terry isn't for sale at any price.
The Chelsea captain has told Ancelotti that he'll stay a Blue forever, even though Manchester City are throwing out offers every other day.

The Italian said: "John Terry is a symbol of this team.
"He will be captain next season. He said he wants to stay forever and we want to keep him forever.
"Now there is a question of Man City but for Terry there is no price.
"Terry will be at Chelsea forever. He said he wants to stay, there is no problem for him for us, the story continues - Chelsea and Terry.
"I like to have a captain like Terry, he is very close to Paulo Maldini for professionalism, for quality and he will be the best captain for Chelsea.
"I spoke with Terry a month ago when I came to the club and he said welcome. And after he went on holiday.
"I will speak with him because he is the captain and I want a good relationship with the captain."

All we need now is for Sir Alex to put a bid in, do you think he'll stay Blue then?..........i don't. But maybe i'm wrong, maybe Terry would be the one that would shock me.


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