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Terry: I Want Respect!

Chelsea captain is demanding talks with owner Abramovich over his future. Terry is outraged that no-one gas talked to him about his future since Manchester City bid £30million last week.
Terry has played 272 games for Chelsea and scored 17 goals in 11 senior years at the club.
Even though Terry is widely regarded as a key player, he takes home £20,000 a week less than his England team-mate Frank Lampard, who is on £151,000 a week.

He joined Chelsea aged just 14 and led the club to its first league title for 50 years in his first year as captain in 2004-5.
OK, Terry is earning 4 times my salary and he's complaining about not knowing if Chelsea still want him. I'm sorry, but maybe it's my messed up way of thinking here but if i was John Terry, i'd be f***ing thankful that no-one has spoken to me yet to tell me "you know what John, i don't think i'm gonna need you next season", that's if Mr. Terry loves The Blues as much as he claims, is he another greedy f***er like most of the Premier League players today who love the money and fame and not the club.
Tell us soon John, but think hard,......think hard.


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