"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Carvalho to jump ship.

Portugal centre-back Ricardo Carvalho has reiterated his desire to leave Chelsea in an interview published in Tuesday's Corriere dello Sport.
So what's in the water at Chelsea?, Or is it just that players are scared of Ancelotti so rather than feel the wrath of the new Chelsea manager, they'd just jump ship rather than being made to walk the plank.
Terry is thinking of moving....not for the reasons he says, but for the usual shit most players move for, and Carvalho wants to move to start a new chapter in his career.
No, he wants to move because he knows the ship at Chelsea is sailing smooth anymore. Chelsea won't win the title again, so lets jump because i'm getting on in years and no trophies are on the horizon.

Is he just throwing the names Mourinho and Inter out there to see if "The Special One" (yeah, he was special alright) reacts to it. I'm sorry Chelsea fans...let's get this straight.....Mourinho didn't make Chelsea, Abramovich made Chelsea, so i just wish that you will stop calling Mourinho "The Special One", because it sounds like you're talking about the kid at the back of the bus who no-one wants to talk to. And besides, Hoddle and Gullit started to revamp Chelsea back in the 90's, long before Abramovich AND Mourinho were even thinking about Chelsea.
What the f**k.....money talks and bullshit plays football.


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