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Samuel Eto'o on his travels?

Pep Guardiola, the man who achieved the treble last season with Barcelona, has told Sammy Eto'o that he should leave Barcelona. The Spanish giants want to trade Eto'o, plus cash for Inter's striker Ibrahimovic.

"I am convinced that the best thing for Barca is for Eto'o to leave," said Guardiola."Could I be mistaken? Maybe so. But I am here to make these decisions."

Guardiola also stated that it would be best for Barcelona if Eto'o left the club.I don't think it will work out.....the whole Ibrahimovic at Barca thing....it doesn't sound right. Mr. Guardiola, you are the boos, but i don't think Eto'o should go anywhere, and Inter should keep Ibrahimovic because he belongs there. He's whiny, sometimes clumsy, attention seeker...which are just perfect for Mourinho. I mean...who better to know about those things?

Pep, there's no doubt that you have proven your critics wrong, and you are indeed a good manager, but with this decision please think hard because in the future, you might regret it.


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