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Moratti and Mourinho rift?

Inter Milan club President Massimo Moratti has rsponded to manager Jose Mourinho's comments on Inter not being up to par with the European elite last season.
Moratti had these words to say, in a press conference to Sky Sport 24

"I don't want excuses, we can win the Champions League." "We don't need miracles, just as it was no miracle that we won the scudetto last year,"
"I don't think it will be either difficult or miraculous to do better than last year in the Champions League. I don't think we're so far away from the others. The only team that has made any big acquistions is Real, but now they will have to get their big stars to live together. I also have faith in the experience of the coach who knows well what type of player is needed; in this respect I follow his lead, and so we'll see what happens. Everyone plays to win and it's important not to make mistakes."

These are the thoughts of the Inter Milan President on the upcoming season.

Telling reporters about 'The Special One', he added,
"I know Mourinho. He's someone who provokes the fans, and the reporters. He creates a situation in which he can exaggerate, and exaggerate the circumstances, and so that's what he did at his press conference. Are there better teams than Inter? I take this as something of a provocation so that he can get the players he wants."
He also talked about the potential sale of Ibrahimovich.

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic is absolutely not for sale, Pavel Nedved won't be playing for Inter and it's hard to see Deco and Carvalho here either, given that in the current circumstances they are two bad deals." Massimo Moratti made the point about the Nerazzurro's sale: "Ibra was off the market even earlier because of the price we were asking and because of his importance to the team. And then the only team that might have bought him, Real Madrid, needed players with different characteristics. This year he will explode in the Champions League as well, because he has matured as a player and therefore that tournament will be easier for him."

Maybe for once this is a club owner that will stand firm on his decisions. Abramovich did towards the end, but it took two years to do it.
Moratti need to just say "Fuck you Mourinho, go and cry somewhere else" because Moratti knows what Mourinho likes to do. He whines, cries, takes his ball home when he doesn't get his own way, just like Sir Alex, Wenger, Rafa the Gaffa.........why is it just the top four in the English Premier League that do the most whining?

I just thought about it, Mourinho at Chelsea, Rafa at Liverpool, Wenger at Arsenal, and Sir Alex at Man UTD, but yet they should be the ones who just sit back and smile for once.
Anyway, i give Mourinho one more year at Inter because they won't win the Champions League next season like Moratti wants, so it will bye bye 'Special One'
Maybe Moratti should call up former players such as Andreas Brehme, or
Lothar Matthaus and give them a chance? What do you think?


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