"if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does"

Money talks, and so could Terry.

John Terry has been woo-ed by Manchester City with a record breaking £300,000-A-WEEK.
28 year old Terry has been mind boggled with City's offer which is worth £15.6million-a-year, and City boss Hughes insists the Chelsea captain Terry is crucial for City's future development. If the deal goes through, Terry will become the highest paid player in the world, no-one, not even Ronaldo's wage will come close to this. Ronaldo is now earning £255,000-a- week at Real Madrid.
Hughes insists he needs Terry for City to break into the top four in the Premier League to join the European powerhouses.
City was foiled last season to land the England star but the latest offer of £30m has been rejected by Chelsea, but this chase is far from over. Ancelotti and Chelsea are ready for City to offer again, this time in the region of £40m.
People close to Terry say that he is beginning to wonder whether Chelsea really want him and admit he has been impressed by the faith Hughes has in him.

Terry has become more than just the captain at Chelsea. He was almost made a board member and was the link-man between the players and the Chelsea top men.
Chelsea manager Ancelotti could have different ideas of how he want to run Chelsea, and possibly get rid of Terry as captain, but Terry knows Hughes will make him the main man if he signs with City. City are sizing up an offer for Samuel Eto'o from Barcelona, which could see the Cameroon international earn £250,000-a-week.
Seems like Chelsea owner Abramovich has a money rivals with City's Arab owners.

Yet again i see i'm getting old. This money thing worries me ever since i wrote about Blatter stating that he thinks there is too much money in the Premier League.
Maybe i should take over a Premier League club and show them how it's done.
I remember when Sir Alex Ferguson took over Man UTD, and with hard work and determination look where he took them.
That's what you need in football, not all the money in the world.


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