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Hey....you told me that you were mine!

Gareth Barry has hit back at Rafa Benitez after calling Barry greedy.
Rafa said that Barry's move to Man City was all about the money. Could it be that Barry just didn't like the setup at Liverpool, or even not like Benitez?
Rafa is upset(again) because Liverpool have made it no secret for along time that Barry has been a major target for them, but with Barry signing for Man City, it came as a huge f**k you to Benitez.

Barry said: "I think there was maybe a bit of frustration because it was well documented that Liverpool were in the market to sign me for a couple of years.
"But Manchester City had agreed a fee with Aston Villa. Once I'd spoken to the manager, heard the ambition and he told me what the club were aiming for, that suited me.
"People can talk about the money because of the speculation in the media but the players who are now joining City are proving my decision to be correct.
"These are players who are really going to improve Manchester City and take us to where we want to go."

Don't worry Gareth, Rafa will get over it......eventually. (Can somebody find Rafa's pacifier please?)


  1. Anonymous said...

    Rafa just loves a good rant wait for the book :)


  2. Jay C. said...

    It's getting kind of tiring hearing him rant though. He rants about the same things every time.
    Book Title: Rafa's Rants.

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