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Toure: No leadership at Arsenal

Man City new boy Kolo Toure says Wenger's lack of squad strengthening made him decide to quit the Gunners. The new Blue Boy recently transferred from Arsenal for 16 million pounds said that Arsenal's reliance on youth means that they lack in leadership and experience that is needed in the Premiership.

"When you look at Arsenal you see all the great players have left and are now in the past, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Ray Parlour have gone. We lost too many leaders at Arsenal." said the 28-year-old.

Arsenal changed their captain last season William Gallas to Cesc Fabregas after Gallas made comments about this team-mates. Toure was the last of Arsenal's 'immortals' ......the team that went through the whole of the '03-'04 season unbeaten, but seemed to have snubbed the captaincy.

Tore added "Players like Henry, Vieira and Parlour that brought success to Arsenal have all gone and I believed it was right at this stage of my career to also move on,"when we were winning the league the spirit was fantastic, we were like a band of brothers."

So Toure stays at a club that is winning, but yet loyalty is out of the window for the manager who had faith in you to pay your wages. It's so sad.
I totally agree with Toure about Arsene's youth project, he needs to find the right balance like he had in 2003.
But even with Arsenal not winning a trophy since 2005, what has Man City won? Does Toure really think that a trophy of some sort will be heading to Eastlands? No, i don't think there will be.


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