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Rafa the Gaffa thought about Owen.......how sweet

In an interview with The People, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said that he had considered signing Michael Owen this summer but came to the conclusion that the 29 year old striker would not always be part of the regular first team.
“We had contact with different people and were analysing the situation,” Benitez told The People. “But if you want to play Torres and Gerrard there is not always a lot of space for other players.
“When I brought back Robbie Fowler it was a different situation. We were looking for someone who could understand his role clearly and he was a good finisher.

Okay Rafa. If you really wanted the player, there wouldn't have been anything to analyze. What about Gerrard in Midfield, and your golden son Torres with Owen up front? No space for others? C'mon Rafa......who do you think you're fooling? Robbie Fowler was a great striker, but he never had the pace of own, and own knew exactly what he was there to do, score goals just like Fowler, so for you to say it was a different situation is fucking drivel. In the future, if you're bitter about Man UTD winning the Premier League title again, and this time from under your nose, and Sir Alex being a better businessman than you, just keep it to yourself because it's getting tiring now to hear you whine. You'll be offering Beckham a contract next just so you can go to a pub and cry in your beers.


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