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Milan to buy Crouch?

As I was reading the gossip from BBC Sport and one headline popped out at me, "AC Milan targeting Portsmouth striker Peter Crouch".

Now, I'm not a fan of Peter Crouch, and pardon me if I don't think he'll do anything for Milan other than get in the way with his big 6'7" frame and score a few headers, but nothing more than that. Sorry, but that's my personal opinion. Crouch cannot run away from defenders like a single Milan fan running from an angry mob of Juve supporters. He's not very graceful with the hoofs of his, so all Milan are going to buy him for is his height. I'm afraid Milan have the cash now from the sale of Kaka and are looking for any old port in the storm. If they just calmed down, evaluate their youth players, they will see that they have sufficient firepower, but they desperately need some good defenders if they are to be serious about winning the Serie A title.

Maldini's gone, he was the last of the greats from the old Milan, when you had Tassotti, Maldini, Baresi and Costacurta as the back four. That was a mean defense. I'm not saying they won every game, but that was some defense.

I just don't think Crouch would be suitable to play for Milan. Sorry Peter.


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