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Handbags at dawn is over

Well people, it's over. The Beckham-Donovan saga is apparently over. They've settled the fued and put their handbags away and called a truce, but only after a whine from Beckham and a shine of the bald spot from Donovan.
They practiced together yesterday and shook hands, hugged, blew kisses at each other and after the training session was over, they exchanged gifts and went home. NO!!!!!! They didn't do any of this because they still dislike each other!!

Yes they said that they made up and it's all in the past now, but can you honestly think that it's going to be the same on the field when Galaxy are 2-0 down to someone. NO! Donovan is still going to question Beckham, and Beckham is going to try harder just to prove Donovan wrong until he says fuck it and takes his ball home again and joins Man City next year (that's what i think will happen, because Becks is a greedy fuck)
Here's something that Beckham said about his return to Galaxy.

'Obviously Milan expressed that they want me to go back so I don't see any reason why that would change,' Beckham said. 'We'll have to wait and see. I hope to be going back there.'

What do you mean David?...Obviously?.....Who do you think you are? If i was Milan manager, you wouldn't play for me even if YOU paid ME! But this is what's on Beckham's mind, not Galaxy, MILAN!. His head is thinking Milan, money, fame, Champions League.....not Galaxy, MLS. So yes, i think Donovan had a good point and had every right to question Beckham on his commitment.

Beckham, see out your FULL contract with Galaxy and stop whining, you signed for Galaxy, you're getting paid by Galaxy, so you play for Galaxy.


  1. Anonymous said...

    If he goes to Man City I am never rooting for Man City again, even if Robinho scored 500 goals in 2 minutes.

  2. Jay C. said...

    Hey, you never know..he loves the smell of green,....money that is, not the grass.

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