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Cole could join the overpaid

Real Madrid are almost ready to bid for Ashley Cole after he rejected a new contract at Chelsea. The England Left Back has turned down an offer which would leave him £30,000-a-week short of the club's big money boys. Cole swapped a red shirt for a blue three years ago when he signed from Arsenal, and now he wants to stay at Chelsea but the money has to be right.

A source said: "Ashley loves Chelsea and is genuinely excited about working with new boss Carlo Ancelotti. He wants to give the best years of his career to the club but the deal has to be right for such an important contract. He needs to feel as valued as any of the club's other top players."

Cole is currently on £70,000 a week, and he has attracted interest from La Liga and European Champions Barcelona. But it is their rivals Real Madrid who have furthered their interest in Cole because Madrid president Perez has noticed that the club's defense needs to be strengthened and new manager Pellegrini is a long term fan of Cole.

I don't understand why players today have to just jump ship every time someone offers them more money. To me, they the same: Real Madrid have the money to spend, so do Chelsea but yet neither of them won their respective domestic leagues. I guess it's the owners and players fault why football is like this today.

I think there is too much money in football and too many foreign owners in the Premier League who want the distinction of owning a football team. Yet when they don't win anything inside two years they are quickly willing to sell them on to the next foreign owner with a dream. Maybe I'm just getting old...


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