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Premier League too powerful for Blatter

Fifa Top Dog Sepp Blatter has admitted that the large....erm huge amounts of money that is circulating in the English Premier League, coming from foreign owners is becoming a worrying trend..........NO!......really? Blatter says the amount of cash in the Premier League gives English clubs a big advantage over their European rivals.

Now, ten years ago I would have said that Sepp was talking out of his backside, but these days, now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I agree with him 100%.
"In France, Germany and Spain there are by-laws that say owners must be from the same country, this does not exist in the Premier League and it is a problem we must address", said Blatter.
Out of 20 Premier League teams, nine of them have foreign owners, and several, including Chelsea and Manchester City are likely to spend big this summer. Man City have reported to have bid around £25m for Barcelona striker Sammy Eto'o and are said to have offered the Cameroon forward up to £250,000 per week (which I think is absolutely ridiculous), would make him by far the highest paid player in the world...........(until next week when Abramovich buys Rooney for £300M and wages of around £475,000 a week) Just kidding guys.

Despite Mr. Blatter's fears, the biggest spenders in Europe so far this summer are Real Madrid. Real Madrid's buys of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo have been partly financed by loans by Spanish banks, totalling £128m. The laws in Britain would have to be changed to restrict foreign investment in the Premier League, something that the bosses at Fifa are woefully accepting isn't going to happen. Blatter said "We have no right to interfere in economic movements. We, the whole Fifa family, are aware of this".

But Blatter insists that Fifa is ready to bring in goal-line technology to adjudicate in delicate decisions - when it is accurate enough....(Tennis anyone?)
"We are open on goal-line technology," said Blatter. "But for the time being, all the technologies that have been represented to the International Football Association Board are not accurate, or not accurate at the level we can decide whether we can honestly say whether it was in or out."
I really don't know why Blatter is complaining here, although I do agree on the foreign owner debate, seems like they just want to own a team for the hell of it, but when that team fails for six months they either change the manager, or resell the club, and that is wrong. But in the early 90's, Italian football was the rage and AC Milan was at the height of their game. They bought Luigi Lentini for £13M, unheard of back in '93, and no-one batted an eyelid, now 16 years on, suddenly it's a big issue.


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