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Gillett to sell assetts for Liverpool funding

It was announced today that Liverpool Co-Owner George Gillett is to sell one of his assets, a stake in NHL's Montreal Canadiens for a whopping $550m (£332.9m). Liverpool owners Hicks and Gillett have until July 24 to repay £350m they owe to RBS and Wachovia. Kop Holding's, the parent company of Liverpool lost £42.6m in the year to August 2008 but interest payments on loans of £36.5m accounted for Kop's losses.

Mr. Gillett is so desperate to save Liverpool that earlier in the year he put up for sale the Bell Arena, along with the Gillett Entertainment Group, and Montreal Canadiens in which Gillett's 80% satke of the NHL team is being bought by the brewing giants The Molson Family who already have the remaining 20% share.
Mr. Hicks has been busy too, trying to sell his assetts which include Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars from the NHL.

The Dynamic Duo (hardly) bought Liverpool back in February 2007, since then they have argued and fought between themselves like 7 year old school kids on the play yard which has resulted in alienating The Kop faithful and backing out of a much needed new stadium. And because of this schoolboy bickering, future sales of Liverpool have dwindled away.

The bottom line is Liverpool were the greatest English team in the late 70's and through the 80's and it saddens me to watch such a fantastic club windle away to the usual 3rd's and 4th's in the Premier League table every year. I don't think Liverpool have the right manager because every time i see him on TV he whines. I wish Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness or a former Liverpool great would come along and snap this giant club up and send these people packing.
Liverpool have 18 championship titles (Premier League and old Division 1), which has now been equalled by Sir Alex Ferguson's Man UTD.

Whatever happens in the near future, i hope the Premier League chiefs get their act together and stop these football club tycoon wannabes from buying Premier League clubs with no "real" money in their pocket, realizing that there's more to football than just watching your club on TV, fucking off the fans and then reaping the so called rewards (if any) then moving on and selling the club.

A message to Sir Dave Richards and his cronies: WAKE UP!!!


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